Affection in the deceptive world


In a world so wide and full of deceit,
Love's a bliss, yet cruel, bittersweet.
Affection blooms in a deceptive land,
Where hearts entwine, like shifting sand.

In the gentle dawn of love's embrace,
Hope emerges, painting a tender grace.
But shadows lurk, with tricks untold,
A dance of illusions, love's story unfolds.

Through whispers sweet and promises bright,
Hearts take flight, chasing the elusive light.
Yet, in the maze of a world unkind,
Love's bliss, at times, is hard to find.

Deceptive faces wear affection's guise,
Yet behind the mask, truth often lies.
In this complex world of fleeting dreams,
Love's tender glow may not be as it seems.

But still, we seek love's warm embrace,
Braving storms, finding solace in the chase.
For in a world that's both cruel and kind,
Love remains a bliss we hope to find.

~ Gautam

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